Friday, 21 August 2020

Famous Beaches In Karnataka For Spending Holiday


The 320 km long coastline of Karnataka is enriched with picturesque beaches. Which has many attractive and beautiful beaches. Which attracts tourists from all over the world with their beauty. The happy and serene atmosphere of this city is nothing less than a paradise for tourists coming in search of a serene environment away from the runaway life of the city. Karnataka beach In the center of Karnataka, there is quite a lot of tourists here to have fun on the silver-like shining sand and the blue water seen in the far distance. So, see below the famous beaches in Karnataka.

Devbagh Beach:

The picturesque Devbag beach is situated on an island. Where the speed boat can be reached from the Karwar coast. Dotted with casuarina groves, this only beach offers to escape from the days of run-of-the-mill life in the city. Tourists get lost in the picturesque environment here.

Karwar Beach:

The unassuming, secluded beach of Karwar is an ideal destination for vacation and recreation. This beautiful beach is situated on a thin strip of tropical sand between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. It provides an ideal place for tourists.

Marwanthe Beach:

Karnataka beaches One of the most beautiful beaches in Karnataka, Marwanthe beach is located 50 km from Udupi along NH-17 on one side of the Arabian Sea and on the other side of the river Suparnika. This stunning beauty of the land of golden sand and blue water is an ideal place for tourists.

Murudeshwar Beach:

Located 165 km from Mangalore, the temple town of Murudeshwar is also known for its picturesque beaches. Scattered with coconuts and areca groves, Murudeshwar beach is surrounded by sea to the west and abuts the hills to the east. While the holy temple is surrounded by devout worshipers, the beach is an ideal refuge for holidays.

St. Mary's Island Beach:

Located 58 km north of Mangalore. St. Mary's Island beach is particularly known for its unique formation of basalt rocks, which are crystallized into columns and divided into vertical hexagonal blocks. This group of islands can be reached here by ferry from Malpe which is a major fishing port.

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